SMT Equipment

SMT Equipment

MYCRONIC: Market Leading Automated SMT Software & Hardware Assembly Solutions

  • A solution for every need. Capable of PiP, POP, and QFNs.
  • Award-winning Agilis feeders, quick load, strips/cut tape, electrical verification, and smart software for inventory control.
  • High speed jet printers. Stencil free. Complete control of volume, shape and position on each pad.
  • Storage & retrieval component towers, and smart traceability!
  • MYSMART series dispensing and conformal coating solutions.
  • Cost effective, high performance benchtop dispensing robots.
  • High performance conformal coating systems.

AQUEOUS: Batch Defluxing Systems, Cleanliness Testers and Stencil Cleaners

  • Fully-programmable closed loop, ZERO discharge, and low discharge batch aqueous cleaning and defluxing systems
  • Ultrasonic stencil cleaners and close loop water treatment.
  • Zero ion cleanliness tester.

Simplimatic Automation: Edge Belt Conveyor and Automation for Electronics Manufacturing

  • Conveyor and automation for ESD-sensitive materials.
  • Reliably move PCB’s between manufacturing processes.
  • Laser marking and board traceability systems.
  • Robotic Automation for electronic assembly and packaging.
  • 24/7 emergency support and same-day spares available.

BTU: A Leading Manufacturer of High Temperature Controlled Atmosphere Furnaces for SMT and Micro Electronics

  • SMT reflow & semi conductor packaging.
  • Direct bond copper, brazing, sintering and heat treating.
  • Glass-to-metal sealing and thick film firing.
  • Diverse atmospheres, air, nitrogen, hydrogen and forming gas.

ACCULOGIC: Flying Probe System, Boundary Scan Solutions

  • Scorpion single and double-sided flying prober.
  • Analog, digital, mixed-signal and boundary scan capabilities.
  • ScanProbe, ChipScan, thermal imaging test.

PACIFIC X-RAY IMAGING: Affordable High Performance X-Ray Inspection Solutions

  • High magnification, high resolution x-ray imaging.
  • Compact design, easy to use controls and imaging software.
  • Flexible configurations to meet all types of requirements.
  • Open migration / upgradable system on-site to minimize cost.
  • World-wide service, support, and parts for Nicolet, GenRad / Teradyne, FocalSpot, and Faxitron legacy x-ray products.

PDR: The Next Generation of Rework and Test

  • IR rework and IR thermal test equipment.
  • SMD, QFN, LED rework stations deliver the highest performance and soldering quality available.
  • Controlled design validation and characterization testing.

OPTICAL CONTROL: SMD X-Ray Scanner with Intuitive Usability

  • Automatic recognition and counting of components.
  • Verification of results through plausibility check.
  • Drypack, quad-count, sticks and trays and order counting.


  • Thermal monitoring profiler
  • SMART DRY - intelligent dry storage cabinets for moisture sensitive devices and components

NORDSON SELECT: Leading Providers of Selective Soldering Systems

  • Standalone, in-line, modular selective soldering systems.
  • Custom solution and tooling available.
  • Selective soldering process lab and workshops.

FKN Provides Effective Ways To Depanelize

Your Loaded Printed Circuit Boards

  • Circular blade for pre-scored panels, saws for all panels.
  • Punch and router for tab routed PCB's / Nibblers.
  • Unmatched tooling and support for depaneling process.

INSULFAB: Time-Saving Custom Assembly Solutions

  • PCB & Surface mount tooling, conformal coating & routing fixtures.
  • Adjustable fixtures with titanium inserts and adjustable fixtures
  • Stamping & die-cutting of thermoplastics. ISO & ITAR certified.


  • 4K and HD optical inspection scopes