KYZEN: Precision Cleaning Chemistries and Solutions. Where Science and Care Converge!

  • Leader in electronic assembly cleaning chemistry
  • Improve stencil cleaning efficiency and process yields
  • Maintenance for degreasing, circuit board defluxing, bench-top, wave solder pallet and reflow oven cleaning

QA: Test Probes, Probe Tools and Sockets for ATE

  • ICT test probes, socketless X probes and interface probes
  • High pre-load probes and 6R, 8R, 9R steel razor probes
  • Insertion tools, extraction tools and pin gauge tools
  • Automated technology to ensure lowest customer cost¬†

Global Leader in Solder Joint Encapsulants, Underfills, Nanofilms and Die Attach Adhesives

  • Conformal coating (rigid and flexible).
  • Optoelectronic materials.
  • Wafer level materials and die attach adhesives.