Semiconductor Products

Semiconductor Products

KYZEN: Precision Cleaning Chemistries and Solutions. Where Science and Care Converge!

  • Leader in electronic assembly cleaning chemistry
  • Improve stencil cleaning efficiency and process yields
  • Maintenance for degreasing, circuit board defluxing, bench-top, wave solder pallet and reflow oven cleaning

MYCRONIC: Market Leading Automated SMT Software & Hardware Assembly Solutions

  • A solution for every need. Capable of PiP, POP, and QFNs.
  • Award-winning Agilis feeders, quick load, strips/cut tape, electrical verification, and smart software for inventory control.
  • High speed jet printers. Stencil free. Complete control of volume, shape and position on each pad.
  • Storage & retrieval component towers, and smart traceability!
  • MYSMART series dispensing and conformal coating solutions.
  • Cost effective, high performance benchtop dispensing robots.
  • High performance conformal coating systems.

YINCAE: The Global Leader in Solder Joint Encapsulants, Underfills, Nanofilms and Die Attach Adhesives

  • Conformal coating (rigid and flexible).
  • Optoelectronic materials.
  • Wafer level materials and die attach adhesives.