Dual heads for productivity, dual lanes for smart board handling and buffering, High-speed high-accuracy dispensing Solder paste and a wide range assembly fluids; board revisions on-the-fly and changeovers in no time

Placement & Printing


Perfect solder joints at more than one million dots per hour

  • Ensures perfect solder paste deposits with full volume and diameter control at extremely high speeds
  • Uses a combination of fine-pitch and big-dots ejectors to print boards for extremely small and large components
  • Prepares a new job from any CAD or Gerber data in minutes, ensuring the leanest possible production environment


The highest throughput in a range of dispensing applications

  • Fastest and more precise jet dispensing platform on the market
  • Proven ability to jet a wide range of adhesives, UV materials and epoxies on-the-fly at high speed makes it perfect for SMA, encapsulation and more
  • Dual jet valves makes it capable of dispensing two different fluids


Solder Paste and Adhesive Jetting in One Platform

  • Eliminate the need for both screen printers and glue dispensers
  • Apply solder paste and assembly fluids for mixed production
  • High speed jet dispensing of adhesives, UV materials, epoxies and more